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Heath care vs. sick care page

"All the drugs in the world cannot adjust a subluxated vertebrae."

- BJ Palmer

"Heath Care" Vs. "Sick" Care

What is the difference between “healthcare” and "sick" care?

We would like to help you understand the difference. Health can be defined as the body functioning properly rather than just feeling good. Symptoms are a sign that something is wrong. They are the last thing to show up and with chiropractic care or a “bandaid”are the first to go away. Just because you don’t feel sick, does not mean you are well. Too many people wait until they are sick before seeking help with thought that insurance will “cover it.” Health insurance is not for health care.  It is for sick care. 


When your feeling great with no symptoms, do you ever think “I should go see the doctor.” Typically, you call your doctor when you’re not feeling well. Sick care should be there for acute conditions and emergency needs. The medical model in Western medicine focuses on symptoms. Often using medications to cover up symptoms, leading to another medication to cover up the side effects. We do not bee-lieve that health is just the result of effectively treating a symptom. Our medical system does serve an important purpose and is phenomenal at handling but for catastrophic events.


Innate intelligence is within all of us. You were not born with a deficiency of medications. Our bodies are extremely comprehensive and smart. We will adapt to any circumstance. The question is – how well does our body adapt and to what degree?


While true “healthcare” is wellness. Chiropractic care focuses on the underlying cause and impeding interferences within the nervous system. When the nervous system is functioning properly, the benefits are endless.


People often believe the “healthcare/wellness” model is more expensive due to insurances not covering preventative chiropractic care. When in fact, the “Sick Care” model is more expensive over your lifetime, not to mention giving up wellness and slowly degressing, allowing so called “aging” to dictate your quality of life.


To be healthy you should exercise regularly, eat organic non-GMO food and have a nervous system free of interferences. We Bee-lieve this approach is the future in heathcare and Dr. Josh is proud to lead our community to “Bee Well!”



If you want to get real results you deserve with your healthcare goals, then you’re most likely going to have to look outside what your insurance covers. Are you willing to let your “healthcare” coverage dictate your lifetime of health and wellness?

Why won't my insurance pay for ALL my care?


        Insurance has 2 purposes:

  1. SAVE money to make money

  2. Help you in Extreme, Acute circumstances

For Example:

         1. Insurance will pay for car repair post accident – Insurance does               NOT pay for Oil changes or maintenance

         2. Insurance will pay for Flood Damage- insurance does NOT                     pay for you to maintain your sump pump.

         3. Insurance will pay Death Benefits- But will NOT pay for Life!

         4. Insurance will pay for Sickness- But Insurance will NOT pay for               health.

Chiropractic is the promotion of health and full expression of life;

it is a safe, natural, drug-free & effective method of true health care.

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