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What to Expect on your First Visit


As soon as you walk through our door, you will be greeted with a friendly hello and smile.


Dr. Josh and his wife, Billie Jo, took the time to create a space that embodies the Bee Well message with creativity and fun.

The Bee Well team is made up of individuals who are passionate about helping you and your family live healthy, drug free, and community oriented lives.

We are happy to answer any questions you have and do what we can to make your experience with us the best is can BEE!


Throughout the practice, you will find several added touches that will make your visit comfortable. All practice members are welcome to help themselves to complimentary kombucha, coffee, tea, and water.

Your kiddos are important and we want them to feel at ease and even have FUN while they are here. We have an easily accessible toy drawer so that they can play while they wait for your their adjustment.


The entire practice was designed with community in mind. New friends can be made that share you and your families interests and goals.

Our interactive, light-up bee hive wall is a favorite of everyone.


Our adjustment room is open and has three different tables. Along with our adult sized adjusting tables, we have a smaller & kid friendly table that helps your kiddo to feel at ease during their adjustment. 

We love seeing them hop up on the table all by themselves with a smile.

In the exam room, you will find fun and intentional decorations that highlight the Bee Well culture. 

We have a another adjusting table available in here as well, for those times you may be needing more privacy.


We are happy to offer massage therapy. You can add this to your regular chiropractic adjustments, or schedule an appointment by itself. 

It's our mission to throw all labels of who the world tells you you are out the window and to offer a space of kind, positive, and courageous individuals that are free to BEE exactly who they are!


In our bathroom, we have a changing table as well as diapers and feminine products that all members are welcome to help themselves to.

We strive to do all that we can to educate you and your family about the changes that are occurring within as you progress on your health journey. 

When in our practice, be sure to check out any art or flyers we have placed throughout with useful information and details about any upcoming events we may be offering.

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