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Emma is having some fantastic results!! Listen to her mom's videomonial :)

Emma (7 years old) came to Bee Well after mom had tried everything!

Emma struggled with BEEing sick ever since she was an infant. When old enough she complained of her stomach always hurting and never had an appetite. She would constantly get car sickness and never had slept through the night. Mom thought she would give chiropractic a chance - and she was RIGHT!!

After gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments removed interference on her nervous system mom noted the following improvements:
-Slept 7 hours straight
-Restored her appetite
-Was eating Vegetables/willing to try new foods
-Could make family road trips without getting sick
-Better bowel movements
-More Calm

Mom reports that some of these changes were immediate.

How can chiropractic help your family?

Watch this video


From only Scooting -> Walking at 19 Months

A 19 month old came to see Dr. Josh with concern of only scooting on his bottom. He started neurologically based pediatric chiropractic and very soon started to crawl. Weeks later he begins to walk. This has forever changed this kiddos life. Listen to the parents story.


Tongue Tie Revised? Not Nursing?

Mom went from nursing fine. She then decided to get his tongue tie revised. This kiddo then stopped nursing. He went to see Dr. Josh for chiropractic care. Baby is now thriving. Listen to her Journey.


I was diagnosed with environmental allergies at age 12. I am allergic to almost everything outside as well as household allergens like dust mites and pets. My symptoms were so severe that I was put on steroids, antihistamines and an inhaler for my asthma. Allergy medication has always been a part of my life. In my adult life, I used allergy medicine sporadically and suffered from chronic sinus infections. I underwent sinus surgery 11 years ago, but my chronic infections returned. An ear, nose and throat specialist determined that untreated allergies were causing these infections to occur and that I needed to be on allergy medicine year-round. About a year ago I started to rethink my health and wanted to try more natural remedies. During that journey I was introduced to Dr. Josh for lower back pain. I wasn’t aware that chiropractic care is actually much more than just realigning your bones. It also improves your immune and nervous systems, so they actually function at their peak state too. I have successfully been off of my allergy medication for 9 months, even during the summer months when my allergies are severe! I also have not been sick with any colds or infections, which was my norm before seeing Dr. Josh!

💡Do you know someone suffering from allergies and asthma? 😰Dr. Josh would love to share how he is able to bring #hope and #natural healthcare to the Valley. And let's ring the 🔔BELL 🔔for YOU!!


1st Time Momma-To-BEE

Listen to this momma-to-BEE and how chiropractic helped her through pregnancy. She contributes her care to great baby position and feeling great through her 1st pregnancy. She reports no, swelling, acid reflux, or head aches. She states she can feel baby move into new space after adjustments. Hear her pregnancy journey here. 

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