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Sleep, Appetite, Calm

Emma is having some fantastic results!! Listen to her mom's videomonial :)

Emma (7 years old) came to Bee Well after mom had tried everything!

Emma struggled with BEEing sick ever since she was an infant. When old enough she complained of her stomach always hurting and never had an appetite. She would constantly get car sickness and never had slept through the night. Mom thought she would give chiropractic a chance - and she was RIGHT!!

After gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments removed interference on her nervous system mom noted the following improvements:
-Slept 7 hours straight
-Restored her appetite
-Was eating Vegetables/willing to try new foods
-Could make family road trips without getting sick
-Better bowel movements
-More Calm

Mom reports that some of these changes were immediate.

How can chiropractic help your family?

Watch this video

Scooting to Walking

From only Scooting -> Walking at 19 Months

A 19 month old came to see Dr. Josh with concern of only scooting on his bottom. He started neurologically based pediatric chiropractic and very soon started to crawl. Weeks later he begins to walk. This has forever changed this kiddos life. Listen to the parents story.

Tongue Tie / Not Nursing
Allergies entire Life

Tongue Tie Revised? Not Nursing?

Mom went from nursing fine. She then decided to get his tongue tie revised. This kiddo then stopped nursing. He went to see Dr. Josh for chiropractic care. Baby is now thriving. Listen to her Journey.

I was diagnosed with environmental allergies at age 12. I am allergic to almost everything outside as well as household allergens like dust mites and pets. My symptoms were so severe that I was put on steroids, antihistamines and an inhaler for my asthma. Allergy medication has always been a part of my life. In my adult life, I used allergy medicine sporadically and suffered from chronic sinus infections. I underwent sinus surgery 11 years ago, but my chronic infections returned. An ear, nose and throat specialist determined that untreated allergies were causing these infections to occur and that I needed to be on allergy medicine year-round. About a year ago I started to rethink my health and wanted to try more natural remedies. During that journey I was introduced to Dr. Josh for lower back pain. I wasn’t aware that chiropractic care is actually much more than just realigning your bones. It also improves your immune and nervous systems, so they actually function at their peak state too. I have successfully been off of my allergy medication for 9 months, even during the summer months when my allergies are severe! I also have not been sick with any colds or infections, which was my norm before seeing Dr. Josh!

💡Do you know someone suffering from allergies and asthma? 😰Dr. Josh would love to share how he is able to bring #hope and #natural healthcare to the Valley. And let's ring the 🔔BELL 🔔for YOU!!

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1st Pregnancy
TMJ Pain & Headaches

1st Time Momma-To-BEE

Listen to this momma-to-BEE and how chiropractic helped her through pregnancy. She contributes her care to great baby position and feeling great through her 1st pregnancy. She reports no, swelling, acid reflux, or head aches. She states she can feel baby move into new space after adjustments. Hear her pregnancy journey here. 

TMJ Pain & Headaches

Before coming to Bee Well Chiropractic, I was suffering from a lot of pain. I was taking Ibuprofen everyday to try & ease joint & muscle pains. I was dealing with jaw pain from TMJ & was told by a previous doctor not to talk as much, or yawn with my mouth open, because it would make it worse. I was dealing with major headaches & neck pain that made me very irritable & I could not concentrate due to the result of multiple concussions within the last year & a half.


After coming to Bee Well & undergoing consistent chiropractic care, I have seen MAJOR improvement in all of these areas. I am no longer taking Ibuprofen, & my joints can handle a lot more physical activity. I can yawn & talk as much as I want without any pain in my jaw. I am able to concentrate on conversations & simple things such as reading.


On top of everything else my headaches & neck pain are little to none, & I’m no longer overly irritable. Coming to Bee Well has changed & exceedingly improved my daily life & people around me. I am able to enjoy life more now that I’m not dealing with each of these pains on a daily basis.

1st time in 2 yrs. Sleeping in Bed

Have a hard time Sleeping Flat?

Listen to this practice member and how chiropractic care has changed her life. She hasn't been able to sleep in her own bed in 2 YEARS!!

No back pain - 1/2 anti-depressants

NO BACK PAIN! and Side Effect of cutting anti-depressant medication in half!!

"I saw a different chiropractor for severe migraines and neck pain 3 times per week over a 2 year period, and while my migraines were "kept at bay" most of the time, they were still there, waiting to be triggered at any moment.

After giving up for a while, I pulled a neck muscle while trying to get out of bed one morning (ridiculous, I know, but that's how bad of shape my spine was in). I couldn't turn my head but wanted to try a new chiropractor. Dr. Josh's office got me in that very same day. Did he immediately fix me? No. In fact, he took my scans, didn't adjust me, and told me to drink a lot of water to help relieve the pain. I was annoyed, but followed through with the next appointment since I had already sat through the scanning process. I AM SO GLAD I WENT BACK!!!

After discussing my scans with Dr. Josh, he put me on a 3x per week plan like my former chiropractor, but it was only for the first few months and then diminished it to 2x per week, then once per week, and now I've graduated to a "maintenance plan". I'm still going once per week right now, because I know I need it - I can feel it in my posture when I've missed an adjustment or when it's been extra stressful and I need some help. I will continue to go because his care has helped my quality of life improve in ways I never even considered! I'm no longer scared to stretch in the morning or turn in my car to buckle my seat belt (seriously used to pull things ALL the time). I went ice skating with my family and had NO BACK PAIN! My headaches are definitely better, and while I know I will always be prone to migraines, I no longer


fear that one will be triggered at the drop of a hat - they are so much better! I've been able to cut my anti-depressant medication in half - with no problems!

So after all the time, pain, and expense, I 100% believe it was all worth it to be feeling the way I feel now. Better than I have in years. Thank you, Dr. Josh."   You don't have to live a life that is less than exceptional. When you are ready to put your health first, we are here to help.

Best pregnancy

Pregnancy and Wanting the best possible Outcome


I came to Dr. Josh in my second trimester with back pain from a previous snowboarding accident that caused sleepless nights, numbness in my right foot and a number of side effects such as colds. Most of this stemming from before pregnancy. My immune system was not operating the way it should be. I wanted the healthiest pregnancy possible. I didn’t want my back pain to become worse from carrying a new life, like I hear so many others struggle with. My health and kick starting the health of my child was so important to me. Since I started seeing Dr. Josh in August, I’ve had some of the best sleep of my life, even while pregnant! I have only fought one cold, that I already had when I started adjustments with him. While others around me fought the cold season multiple times. The numbness in my right foot has subsided, and is gone almost completely. I’ve had one of the easiest pregnancy’s in terms of how I am able to carry my baby with ease and free of common pregnancy discomfort that all my mom friends complain about. Now, postpartum - I am able to sleep well and have mind clarity and have yet to come down with any sickness. My infant is happy, healthy and sleeps well and been able to hit all her milestones.

Back Pain during Pregnancy

Back pain during Pregnancy and Now Great Sleep

My name is Maddison, I want to start off by saying I’m a pretty healthy person as it is so it’s hard for me to notice a difference in my body when I start doing something different. That being said my son Noah, husband Zack, and myself started coming to Bee Well Chiropractic in November of 2019 when I was 5-6 month pregnant. We were referred by the radio station Khitz and my friend Madison. I was experiencing severe lower back pain and I was pretty nervous about going to any chiropractor being pregnant. At this time, I was already going to a chiropractor out of the local native hospital and I was not experiencing any relief from my visits. After going through the first couple appointments with Dr. Josh we learned as a family our bodies were very out of alignment and our nervous system was way out of function. We started coming in 3 times a week and after the second adjustment, I was already experiencing enough relief to where I could actually sleep at night. As a pregnant woman, you know this can mean the world to get a good night’s rest. Through the process of getting my nervous system up to par, I had one set back when I got a major virus and wasn’t able to make it in for 2 weeks. I am now 1 week postpartum, and I feel as though I recovered at a magical pace. As for my baby Meiko... it’s amazing his APGAR test was an 8 at 1 min of being born and 9 at 5 min. It was literally no more than 2 hours of labor, 1 hour at home/car and 40 min physically on the birthing bed. I only pushed 3 or 4 times through 3 contractions and baby was out. The midwife said I literally lost no blood and that is unheard of. All my levels were stable after giving birth and all the Doctors and midwifes were impressed, I don’t say this to toot my own horn but to express how grateful I am to have such good health and a good portion of that I have to thank Bee Well Chiropractic for. Side note this doesn’t even touch the surface on how Christensen’s have impacted my family’s life.

Quick Labor

Quick Labor & Postpartum Paradise


I was 25 weeks pregnant and with my first baby when I began care with Dr. Josh. It helped tremendously with my aches and pains and positioning of the baby who I was able to deliver in under 15 minutes of pushing and a total labor time from start to finish at the hospital of 6 hours. I truly believe the start of my postpartum was this great delivery that attributed to many things, including my chiropractic care. The 4th trimester was very new to me and I started noticing different aches from the constant weird positions while breastfeeding. I had my first adjustment after delivery at just 1 week postpartum and although I was nervous because I was still sore, I had my milk coming in, I was sleep deprived and just didn’t feel like going anywhere. Once I was adjusted, I felt so much better! And during postpartum, I noticed an improvement with my sleep, my mood, and I feel almost back to my pre-pregnancy self. My baby goes to daycare (which of course typically makes kids sick as they build their immune system) but thankfully we have not been sick yet thanks to adjustments helping boost my immune system! We plan on having another baby before we move out of Alaska for the military, because I LOVE my birth TRIBE! 

This is me now and I am Going to be a BIG SISTER!!!

Best Chiropractor.png

Bed Wetting

These two little super stars are excited to share their success story! Did know chiropractic may help your child with bed wetting?

Picture this… child’s body is a garden, and his/her nervous system acts as a water hose. If there is a kink in the hose, the garden doesn’t get all the water/nutrients it needs and cannot grow properly. This is essentially the role nerves and the nervous system play in our bodies and our child’s body. If there is joint misalignment (subluxation) or decreased movement in the spine (a “stuck” joint), the nervous system cannot communicate properly to the organs that it controls, causing improper function.  


​​Chiropractic adjustments add healthy motion to the spine, correct the joint that is out of place and restore proper function to the body. It can then function better.  Chiropractic treatment and adjustments for kids are easy, extremely gentle and effective! We focus on the low back and pelvis, which is where the nerves come from that control the bladder and other important urinary system components that can lead to bed wetting when not functioning properly. Adjustments are a great (and gentle) way to help support your child and be on your way to dry nights! 

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