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The Initial Phone Call

One of our chiropractic advocates will be able to answer any questions you might have and get you scheduled.

Some important things to note:

-We accept HSA and Flex Savings Accounts. We are out of network with all insurance providers. This allows us to keep our prices affordable and better tailor your care to your health care goals and needs.

-Initial exams are a two appointment process.

-New member paperwork is on our website under "Forms". You can print it out ahead of time to bring to your appointment.

The First Visit

During your first appointment with us, our chiropractic advocate will give you a tour of the

practice + make sure all paperwork is in order.



Next. Dr. Josh will go over a complete history with you and listen to any health concerns you may have.


Our Neurological Scans

We are proud to be using INSIGHT Scanning Technology. These scans are safe (even for mama's and baeBEES!), non-invasive, and help Dr. Josh to see how your nervous system is functioning as a whole. This allows for a tailored care plan that will help you reach your health care goals.

Dr. Josh's Extensive Training

Dr. Josh attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas. He is trained in the Webster's Technique and has extensive experience in pediatric chiropractic care. He is also a member of Two Chiropractic groups: EPIC and Pediatric Experience. He attends multiple trainings each week, where he continues his education to help serve more families and their needs.

Dr. Josh will analyze your history and INSIGHT scans to create a custom plan based on your needs.


Bee-Well is Kid Friendly

If you have kiddos with you during your visit with us, they are more than welcome to play while you get your adjustment. This allows us to ensure you are able to get the care you need or have all your questions answered while they are occupied.

The Follow - Up Visit

During your follow-up visit with us, Dr. Josh will sit down with you and go over your INSIGHT scans and recommendation of care. We want to make sure our office is at good fit for your health needs!

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The Adjustment

After we go over INSIGHT scan results and you accept care, we will get you and your family adjusted! Dr. Josh will walk you step-by-step through the first adjustment, and he will make sure you or your little one's nervous system is clear and functioning at its best. Adjustments are gentle and safe for all ages. In fact, baeBEES often sleep right through them.

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