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Proprioceptive Seekers

Informational Webinars for Parents

Proprioceptive Seekers

Proprioception is MOVEMENT and is needed by our brains to calm and relax. In the majority of people (kids + adults), this movement is naturally perceived by our brains and helps us to do normal functions like SLEEP, FOCUS, and SIT-STILL.


In some kiddos, there can be roadblocks on their “proprioception highway,” and instead of being able to establish a calm state, they get stuck in a Go-Go-Go mode! Constantly moving, jumping, crashing, yelling, and wrestling to try and induce that movement from the outside-in.


During this webinar, parents will learn:

-What proprioception/sensory seeking is

-The most COMMON manners kids look for proprioception

-The underlying reason WHY your child is seeking proprioception

-Techniques to help CALM your child on the inside

-How to help your child FUNCTION in their day-to-day life more effectively


Dr. Josh will discuss the physical, emotional, and chemical stress that both mom and baby are going through after delivery and the top four ways to reduce stress.


“Finding support for you and your baby during this postpartum period is important. We understand how many emotions you must be experiencing in regard to your new little baby, healing from the labor and delivery, and stepping into the journey of motherhood,” says Dr. Josh


“Join us for this webinar to understand your postpartum journey and how your body, mentally and physically, is trying to adapt to the changes of just having a baby.”

Ear Infections

Dr. Josh will discuss what can contribute to the root cause of ear infections as well as preventative measures that can be taken to keep infection at bay.


“Ear infections account for about 30 million visits to the pediatrician per year, and more than 80 percent of children have at least one ear infection by the time they’re three years old. We know how difficult it is to see your little one struggling with sleepless nights, fevers and lack of answers, when all you want is for them to be healthy and happy.”


“Whether it is their very first ear infection or you’re a frequent flyer to the pediatrician and ENT for antibiotics or tubes, we have the information you NEED to hear.”

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