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Before I open the “medicine cabinet” I....

3 Steps to “Keeping It Natural”

These days I rarely meet a mom or dad who wants to go straight to the medicine cabinet and I’m the same way. Every time a kiddo comes down with a runny nose, fever, or full on cold I want to find something that works with the body to conquer it.

I do this for 2 reasons. One, when you mask something it so often lasts longer (duration). And two, long term the immune system learns better when it has to tackle the small challenges naturally earlier in life.

So what to do first?

1. BOOST THE NERVOUS SYSTEM! Boost what controls, activates and regulates the immune system response - The nervous system!

2. Hydrate and balance H2O intake - Sugar and heat dehydrate. Just that combo can upset little ones tummies and moods.

Add in water first, but if they are already good water drinkers, consider adding in a sugar free electrolyte packet or drink to help.

3. Rest

I know this one is difficult if you have young kids. But here’s the trick that you (mom and dad) will love… clear the schedule!

Letting kids free play in their own space without much going on that is stimulating or energetic around them with help the body go into its natural rest state without actually having to sleep.

And if you still end up needing to open your super crunchy, natural, holistic, medicine cabinet... we got you covered too!

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