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From depression and anxiety to getting that 𝑺𝑷𝑨𝑹𝑲 back! ✨

As a mother, she felt constant heartbreak 💔 seeing him suffer. She was brought to her knees in tears as she witnessed how hard her little boy had been fighting to get out from under the heaviness of the evil mental health struggles. Her smiling son was now withdrawn! 😞

But then they found Bee Well 🐝, and mom said it immediately became a “place of hope” 💙

A place where her son felt heard and became immediately vested in the plan that was set forth to help him get out of the struggle.

We are so excited to share that with consistent chiropractic care, He has finally gotten back that spark ✨

Mom reported his mood happier and regulated. We are celebrating the fact that he is managing his anxiety so much better and can communicate his feelings with those close to him 🎉

And while his days are not perfect, Mom said “Without Bee Well, there was no hope. But, with Bee Well by his side, he has a future he can look forward to.”

We can’t wait to watch his life unfold and see what his future holds: it’s sure to be a very bright one because this young man is smart, spunky, and always down for a good joke. 😁

Parents! We’re hosting a workshop for children struggling with:

● Hitting developmental milestones

● Sensory-processing disorders

● Low tone

● ADD, ADHD, or other behavioral disorders

We’ve seen miracle after miracle, year after year, and it’s our mission to help as many children as possible. The good news? There is hope, help, and answers to help these children thrive.

On April 4th at 6:30pm at the Palmer Ale House, we’re hosting our Decoding Neurodevelopment Disorders Workshop.


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