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“I was blown away at how most doctors handle children with ADHD!"

After struggling in school for 2 years, Ben was diagnosed with ADHD. The frustration felt by mom from the traditional approach to ADHD was overwhelming. 😖

Mom said, “I was blown away at how most doctors handle children with ADHD. The diagnosis is quick, he was easily given a prescription, and when that didn’t work the dosage was increased two more times. When that didn’t work we were told we could try a different brand. It was frustrating that no doctor was willing to discuss anything outside of medication.”

They began to seek out other nutritional and functional providers. Mom said, We started to see improvements, but wanted to make sure we were doing everything possible for him to live his best life without turning back to medications. We were interested in setting him up for long term success and not just getting him through each day.” 💪🏼

That’s when they found their way in to a PX Docs office where Mom said the approach was completely different: “I love that the doctors cares about the long term health and well being of the child and not just masking their symptoms. They take the time to go over the pillars of health, so that we find the right course of care and that it continues to work so children can thrive.” 💙

With consistent, individualized chiropractic care, Ben has had some really big wins! 🎉Mom says, “Ben is more attentive at home when following instructions and is calmer when things don’t go his way. We find ourselves yelling less to get his attention. And when things go wrong that normally he would have had a tantrum about, for example, his baby brother breaking all of his legos. Ben says, “I guess I’ll just have to build them again.” Way to go BEN! 🙌🏼

We are absolutely thrilled for Ben and the progress he continues to make. We love being here for all the determined mama’s, like Ben’s, who just know there’s something else out there that can help their kiddo thrive!! 😊

Parents, make this school year the best one yet for your child! If they struggle with focus, behavior, and school, learn more about a drug free approach to helping your child thrive at the Perfect Storm Workshop.

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Dr. Josh Christensen

Bee Well Chiropractic

PXdoc Member- Trained Pediatric Chiropractor


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