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Let's talk birth trauma.

Birth trauma is most commonly physical in nature. It can come from all the various forms of birth intervention like epidurals, inductions, forceps or vacuum extraction, fetal cord monitoring, and c-section deliveries.

Additionally, it’s important to note that birth trauma can vary significantly in severity. Unlike with my son’s birth and his long NICU stay, most cases go completely undetected and unnoticed by the traditional medical team.

Birth can be extremely traumatic for both mother and baby, yet documented and described as “normal” and ordinary. Sadly in today’s world, things have to go dramatically wrong to get the attention of the traditional medical system.

To keep it quite simple, the longer labor and delivery goes on, and the more intervention that starts to stack up – the more traumatic the birth. Additionally, things like forceps, vacuum extraction, and emergency c-section typically are associated with the worst health outcomes for the child.

When the function of an infant’s nervous system 🧠 is altered and thrown off course right in the very first moments of life, it creates a condition known as dysautonomia.

Nerding out just a bit more, the real key to all of these early and later life health challenges are tied to a very important nerve, called the vagus nerve. The Vagus Nerve is responsible for coordinating our heart rate, breathing, digestion, immune function, social and emotional regulation, and so much more.

The Vagus Nerve is most easily injured via birth trauma simply because of its location. This vitally important nerve originates (comes from) the lower brainstem area, and then makes its way down through the cervical spine (neck) and all the way into the thorax and abdomen. This is why it’s long been called the “wandering” nerve.

Perhaps more appropriately, we call it the “Air Traffic Control” or “Operating System” nerve. It truly does need to be at 100% function for our children to have 100% health throughout life. And that’s why we’re so passionate about pediatric chiropractic!! 🙌🏼

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