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Palmer-Wasilla Area Parents!

We’re hosting a workshop for children struggling with:

● Hitting developmental milestones

● Sensory-processing disorders

● Low tone

● ADD, ADHD, or other behavioral disorders

We’ve seen miracle after miracle, year after year, and it’s our mission to help as many children as


What we have found over the years is that a mother’s prenatal stress and birth trauma during labor and

delivery can negatively impact a child’s nervous system in significant ways.

The good news? There is hope, help, and answers to help these children thrive. 🙌

On April 4th at 6:30pm at the Palmer Ale House, we’re hosting our Decoding

Neurodevelopment 🧠 Disorders Workshop.

At this workshop you will learn 📚:

1. How to better understand what these children are experiencing.

2. Why they are experiencing what they’re experiencing.

3. How natural, drug-free, neurologically-based care can help these children thrive.

Our team here at Bee Well Chiropractic want to help children transform their lives and reach their fullest potential. 💪

We can’t wait to have more kids and parents join the thousands of families who have discovered hope,

help, and answers for their children through neurologically-based care!


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