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1. The brain needs to be in the right state to be able to pay attention intently and absorb information

2. This requires different areas of the brain and nervous system to work together to calm and regulate

3. If calm and relaxing signals are going to the limbic system it allows the brain to access higher levels of learning, focus, attention and even social interaction

4. As Pediatric Chiropractors, we find that, by far, the highest amount of stuck stress comes from an emotionally stressful or physically traumatic birth

5. If your child or teenager struggles with focus, learning or attention let us help by looking back at development and past stressors that may be holding the brain back from fully signaling the important areas that lead the way with focus and learning.

Dr. Josh Christensen

Bee Well Chiropractic

PXdoc Member- Trained Pediatric Chiropractor


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