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What is the Perfect Storm?

I'm not a person who likes to live in the past. I never, I repeat never, want to live through a pandemic like COVID-19 again. However as a pediatric chiropractor that is what I'm living in and observing in kids everywhere I go. And while a pandemic that affects any portion of the population is one we never wish to face, this one was hitting us where it hurts the most – our kids.

  • ADHD & Behavior Problems in kids range from 10-15% and climbing 

  • Anxiety in kids was 11.6%, then nearly doubled to 20.5% due to the pandemic

  • Depression in kids was 8.5%, then more than doubled to 25.2% due to the pandemic 

  • Overall mental illness in kids now affects 1 in 6 kids and is climbing rapidly 

  • Autism rates have increased 241% since just 2000, now affecting 1 in 44 kids 

These statistics are heartbreaking. These developed all sorts of questions, like what made these statistics increase? What is being done about it? What causes these conditions in general? What can we do to help?

I can tell you there is ONE THING that stands out in 90%+ of those case histories that no one else is talking about — Neurological Birth Trauma to Babies. Things like induction, manual assistance, forceps, vacuum, and c-section

Simply put, the bones of the skull, upper neck, and entire spine are vastly more important than most know. They are not just there for structure, they are there to house and protect the most important aspect of our health — the central and autonomic nervous system. 

When these areas are physically injured and altered during the birth process, their function is altered from the very first moments of life on.

Does this have you curious?

Do you want to know more?


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