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Thank you for joining us for our Postpartum Expert Panel.

You have access to view the recording for next 48 hours.

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I am giving away my guide to supporting women naturally through nutrition, better sleep, and hormone balance.


You can download 

Mother Love Redefined: Your Revolutionary Guide to a Blissful Postpartum 


Contact info:


I'm giving a $10 discount on my online Postnatal Core & Floor Reset Course, normally $29. Want to stop peeing when you sneeze or improve your diastasis recti? Progressively work through 8 sessions, equipping you as a new (or seasoned!) mom with the information and hands-on experience you need to feel confident moving toward core and pelvic floor function after birth.

Use the discount code: "movewell" 


Contact info:

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I'm giving an Exclusive VIP Pass for $46, for all attendees. This includes Consultation, Examination, Neurological Scan & Report of Findings, normally $196.


Schedule by May 31st. 




Use the discount code: MOMSDAY

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I am giving a discount of 20% off of my affirmation cards and online childbirth education.


Use the discount code: "COVIDSUPPORT" 


Contact info:    907-770-6655

Is my baby 




Nursing Essentials


Contact info:  907-745-2430

Free Postpartum 


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